Mesmerized by Louie

I write about my unruly mind a lot but I thought why not also share other moments when my mind is either quieter or able to be spell-bound by beauty around me.

Rumi says every day you are visited by a guest, the guest of different feelings. So I want to tell you about my guest today.

Today, we took our newly-bought camping chairs to the park near our place and set up with books and laptops to work in nature.

In front of me, are so many trees. So many colors, shades of green. Reminds me of the coloring pencil pallets I had as a kid with all the different greens.

Even one with burgundy, purple leaves.

A gentle breeze making the leaves dance. And the sun shining on the field of grass and twinkling through the leaves of trees when I lay back and look up the tree right next to me. It looks like this magical play of light and shade through the leaves.

All these little wild flowers poking their necks up through the grass.

And there is a little river that while sitting is not visible but I can hear it. 

And then I notice there is a guy sitting by the river with his dog. The dog is in the river and the guy keeps calling him to come out. 

Louie!! Venga! Louie Anda! Salte!…. Louie, come out of the river!

Louie comes out of the river, running and leaping and shakes all the water out and runs on the grass. Springing with all his power. All his movements are full of energy.

I am looking at Louie and feel so relaxed, so without worry at this instant. So intoxicated by the smell of the grass, sound of the wind in the leave and the birds chirping and mostly by Louie, how his front paws leap forward, followed by his hind paws, so care-free, rebelling against the pleas of his owner. I imagine Louie saying “yoohooo, I am free, no leash, I am free”

Thank you Louie and nature and my mind for this moment of utter bliss, my guest today.

My mind was so captivated by Louie that I didn’t think to take a photo of him. But in my very amateur attempt, I tried to draw him, although it really doesn’t capture the moment and the energy exuding out of him.